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Enrichment Programs


Personal growth involves a child’s core components that include social-emotional, language, cognitive, physical and creative development.    Enrichment Programs augment each child’s curiosity and learning curve with proven classroom methods and developmental learning centers.   LMCDC offers an innovative program where preschool and young school aged children are introduced to structured and creative activities in a variety of stimulating settings.  Art, Computer Technology, Dance and Tumbling, Drama, Cultural Living, Science and Discovery are interwoven into each child’s daily schedule.


Art is an important component for developing young children because creativity increases mental capacity and stimulates brain activity.  Art engages all of a child’s senses through open ended play and develops cognitive, social-emotional, multi-sensory skills, mastery and self-confidence.  Our objective is to seed and foster the creativity in your child through various mediums for children to explore and express themselves artistically while contemporaneously introducing them to the Masters of the Arts through age appropriate activities and lessons.  Most importantly, it is the process of art our students will learn and appreciate.



 Computer and Technology

Lake Murray CDC understands our future continues to involve the computer technology.  We know the importance of providing your child with the latest in electronic lessons and games to reinforce the educational topics taught in elementary schools.  Our teachers will help children learn proper computer usage and terminology through a variety of developmentally appropriate educational software programs including Microsoft Office® applications.  Our approach is to make computer technology hands-on, cooperative and interactive while linking learning to fun.


Dance and Tumbling

 LMCDC appreciates the importance of physical activity to your child’s overall health and well-being.  We promote healthy bodies, physical fitness, fair play, team building and sportsmanship.

Even the youngest of children intuitively express themselves with music and movement, free interpretation or choreographed dance.  Weekly themes and music are incorporated to energize your child’s imagination while they learn body awareness, balance and coordination while developing their gross motor skills.


Drama and Cultural Living

 As children pass from one life experience to the next, they will undoubtedly be introduced to ethnic and cultural differences.  Children recognize diversity through skin color, language and dress.  Geography exposes children to cultures and countries and will help them recognize and understand differences found across the globe.

 Teachers carefully plan activities using drama to help illustrate the many different traditions, customs and ways of life within our nation and throughout the world.

Drama allows children to adopt a character or act out a story to experience the aspects of life and relationships they would not normally experience.  Role-play, Dress up and Acting allow children to engage in, explore and learn roles within their families, environments and communities.

LMCDC combines both drama and culture into a unique program to enhance social development by way of appreciation, empathy, understanding, language and listening skills.  We strive to create a culturally accepting environment that embraces the diversity around the globe.


Science and Discovery

Exciting experiments, cool inventions, thrilling secret missions and learning wonderful facts about the environment, life and is all about discovery!

Lake Murray Child Development Center provides a fun and stimulating,  age appropriate environment for guiding children in the development of science, math, and literacy skills. Children naturally enjoy all types of science activities.  Students will begin to apply scientific concepts by using their natural curiosity and ambition in challenging themselves through exploration and instruction.

Our Science and Discovery program develops the “science process” skills of observation, classification, and communication by engaging children in endless opportunities for creative thinking and problem solving.  Our students will be on their way to becoming "Super Scientists.


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