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Brandi Fleischer     

       I was born in Corvalis, Oregon and moved to South Carolina when I was four.  Our family then moved to Georgia, after I graduated from Johnson High School in Savannah, GA., I moved back to Lexington, SC. 

            I started my career in early childhood education when I was 19 years old. After working at two other licensed centers, I decided to join the staff at LMCDC in 2000 as the infant room teacher.  I later became the lead teacher for the preschool classrooms.  I was promoted to assistant director in 2004 and subsequently was promoted to director in 2005.  I have close to 15 years of experience in a professional early childhood development environment and am continuing to complete my associates in Early Childhood Development

I have been married to Kenny for 10 years and have three children: Cheyenne 9, Arlen 6 and Devlin 2.  I love children, my job, frogs, animals, playing volleyball and horseback riding.


Linda Tabor


I was born to a U.S. military family in Europe and came to the US in 1980.  After graduating high school, I attended Pasco Hernando Community College and Dekalb Community College.  I have been employed and self-employed in a variety of industries ranging from international banking, commercial real estate leasing to a startup delivery service. 

Once I started a family, I began reading about Early Childhood Education and how I could ensure the best start for my children. I realized the importance for children to socialize and interact with children of their own age in order to promote natural personal growth and stimulation. This fundamental need was confirmed by early childhood education professionals. Everything I read pointed towards social interaction with children of their own age in a quality program which would increase their chances of cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional development. 

Upon enrolling my children in a child care center, they would talk about their day and their experiences. I started paying close attention to their likes, dislikes, current issues and learned what would be “cool”. I also learned that many daycare facilities lacked the necessary staff, skill, and expertise to provide a child the tools and challenges to achieve and optimize personal growth. We decided that we would open a child development center that would allow us to incorporate many of the ideas and concepts our children have shared as well as the thoughts and concerns of parents and teachers.


After conducting thorough research and interviews, we concluded that LMCDC met many of our criteria and expectations. We eagerly purchased LMCDC in 2005. We enrolled in numerous early childhood education classes and we continue to research this field to stay current with progressive methods and instruction to better provide the very best environment for the children.               


In 2008, we broke ground for our Afterschool/ Multipurpose building including our athletic fields and fitness venues which will be in full swing in August 2009.

We are enjoying every moment of our decision to invest our time, efforts and love of children into this great campus. We hope you will feel the same.


Our children are now Alanna 4, Ashton 8, Aleah 10 and Akiko 12, they still continue to give us their perspective and we still listen.....